Saturday, March 28, 2009

That extra push

Sitting at Cleveland Airport right now after a very interesting week in the US. First there was EclipseCon2009 with a lot of good presentations, tutorials and interesting people to meet. I learned about the latest developments and ideas around Eclipse and the modelling community which is very valuable for our Software Factory solutions.
My PMF presentation went well I think considering the number of interested parties and people asking questions afterwards. There was a lot going on in the UI space:

All had a different perspective on UI development so it was good to get more detail on these approaches. PMF focuses on the platform independent level and I was reassured that it still fills a void there. We do need a little extra push to get the project created and a first unified release out to satisfy the demands.

Talking about extra push, I visited the Cleveland Cavaliers last night and was realy impressed by the event. I have been wanting to see an NBA game live for about 25 years so it was special anyway, but the King impressed me. I had floor-level seats behind the basket on the side of Cavs bench so I could see them up close. As Lebron is the main man, you can imagine the sell-out crowd making some noise after he is hit with a flagrant foul. He was an all-state football player and stands at 6-8 and 250 pounds so he can take a hit. I was just thinking that may pump him up a little more and a few seconds afterwards he goes backdoor and throws down a great pass with authority. Take a look here to see for yourself. You might even see me in the yellow 'Witness' shirt behind the basket. Even LJ sometimes needs an extra push to rise to the top level!

EclipseCon is always an extra push for me. Hope to recover from the jetlag to get back to work and bring UI development to a new level...

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