Thursday, February 14, 2008

StUIML at EclipseCon2008

The upcoming EclipseCon2008 will show two StUIML related talks:

  • Intentional UI Modeling talks about the background and features of StUIML and the role of WYSIWYG in combination with DSL and code generation. The examples used are based on combining StUIML with UML domain models and generation of Java Swing.
  • Model-driven web applications talks about the use of StUIML in combination with Ecore and generation of Seam/JSF.

    There is a lot of attention for modeling and the user interface so I am looking forward to the discussions.

    Hope to see you there. As a warning: my picture on the EclipseCon2008 site is at least 15 years old. So look for a bolding middle-aged father of 4 instead...

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